Printing Nicole Small’s Thank You Cards

Creating this blog has opened some doors for me as an artist and creator. As many of you out there know, I am the owner of Boston’s own AntiDesigns. The company started back in 2004 as a graphic t-shirt company and ultimately led to myself and some close friends learning how to screen print. The company can now take on any screen print challenge (read as print challenge, not numbers challenge), and everything I do through AntiDesigns I do as AntiDesigns.

Towards the middle of 2011 I started to do things under my own name, away from the company. There was certainly a lot of confusion for a while, and I don’t think its clear even now where one stops and the other ends.

But this video, taken and created in the dead of winter, January 2012, is all things me. I landed this project over some stiff competition, not knowing it at the time, and started the camera before I even started printing. The video that ended up on youtube has me standing there trying to figure out how the fuck I was going to print these thank you cards. There’s a lot of that in screen printing. You get a job, and you figure it out. Come to think of it, its a lot like programming.

Anyways I love the track selection and enjoy watching myself try to print with the screen facing the wrong way. Luckily I learned, on this job, not to do that. In the end these prints came out really stellar and this video is one of my favorites on the AntiDesigns youtube channel. Enjoy!