Screen printing on the wall

John Rainis and I collaborated on a series of screen printed collages on wood slats back in 2019. One of the pieces was purchased for the leasing office of BLDG89 in Allston through our good friends at Isenberg Projects. Their asked if we could do some accents around the piece by screen printing on the wall behind it.

I’ve only done one other project where vertical screen printing was required. I was invited to a show many years ago, where a few artists created a screen printed mural on the wall. The process was new to everyone involved and a couple people immediately backed out after trying their first print. Adam Yothers and myself pushed on and created a pretty amazing collage mural, which can be seen below.

For this new install, I would be collaborating with John Rainis. John and I have worked on a number of tricky projects together and I knew we could handle screen printing on the wall. For this project, we created a number of different looks for the decision-makers to think through. We landed on something that I was really psyched to execute. It took most of the day but I’m so happy with the way this project came out!