Ink Drawings

During the time before the Friends With Benefits show I was creating a lot of ink drawings. I was working on finding the place where my portrait drawing and my print-making would come together. I wanted to create prints of my portrait drawings that didn’t lose the style of my linework.

About a year or so before these ink drawings were created, I made a series of portrait prints that I was really happy with from a print-maker’s perspective. However, I felt the style of my line work was lost because I took a series of drawings and auto-traced them in illustrator in order to scale them up. While the prints were great there was something that was off.

When I sat back down to create these drawings I put a lot of focus on the cross-hatching. I wanted to make sure that when it was scanned and digitized that there was enough room between each line for it read on the other end. Each of these drawings could eventually become a print, so they were going from analog to digital to analog again via drawing to photoshop to silkscreen print.

Some worked and some didn’t but I enjoyed the process.

If you’re interested in commissioning some ink drawings feel free to reach out.