Pen and Ink Portraits

In 2004, I started a company called AntiDesigns with a few friends. The company was initially an art-wearables clothing line. Eventually, the business evolved into a service print shop specializing in screen printing. In 2011, I quit a programming job to pursue the life of an artist & print-maker. After about a year of being on my own, I realized my time was mostly spent on client work and I made a concerted effort to focus on one of my drawing passions: pen and ink portraits.

Going into 2012, I decided to make time for personal artwork. I began the year working towards creating something everyday.

In addition, my friend Josh Falk had challenged me to draw portraits in pen. We were discussing my work in his studio and mentioned that my line work was lacking commitment. He thought drawing with pen would challenge that and force me to commit to my line.

Some of the drawings from these pen and ink portraits were drawn with pen alone, and some had a light under drawing. Some of the subjects are friends, some are from shows I was watching at the time, some are just Marc Maron.

If you’re interested in commissioning some inked portraits of this style feel free to reach out.