Silkscreen Wallpaper @ Neon Dream

In October 2017, I collaborated with Trifecta Editions, Cyrille Conan, and Steez Design to create an installation at Hubweek. The event took place at City Hall Plaza in Boston. It featured a lot of artists, scientists, innovators, and some big corporate companies. I got to create a silkscreen wallpaper design for our installation. I also created a bunch of animal portraits that would be black light reactive, and sat above an infinity mirror fireplace

We were given a 20′ shipping container to do whatever we wanted with. The team started working out ideas in the spring and worked all through the summer trying to find the right solution. We decide to create “Neon Dream” as an evolution of the Go To The Light event we threw. The space would be entirely lit by black-light so the experience of walking through it at night was truly unique. People were lining up to see our installation every night.

For the silkscreen wallpaper design, I went through a bunch of iterations. It was hard to imagine what the space would look like under black-light. Eventually, we decided to create a gradient of color with the wallpaper. All the inks were fluorescent and the room went from brightest glow (yellow and green) to a subtle glow (blue and purple). The wallpaper pattern also included a negative space print every other tile.

Here’s a little video of us wheat-pasting the 11×17″ wallpaper tiles up. I created the wallpaper design so that the corners of each piece would line up with everything around it. There was about an 1/8″ margin of error and we were able to make the seams work throughout the space.

I had a lot of fun designing and installing this wallpaper design. We hung out throughout the event and it was great seeing peoples reaction to the space. There was a lot of media coverage and Hubweek still uses our container for a lot of their yearly marketing pushes.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a design like this or want to know more about the process, feel free to reach out.